Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Incredible Mangalarga Marchador Horse

I was first drawn to this beautiful breed of horse by viewing photos of them on the internet. The desire to learn more about them and photograph them myself led me to contact one of the U.S. leading breeders Lynn Kelley of Summerwind Marchadors, Inc.  Lynn and her husband John helped found the US Mangalara Marchador Association or USMMA in 2005 and continue to be lifetime members. That chance meeting has turned into a ongoing friendship and business relationship which I treasure.

“This is, without a doubt, one of the most outstanding horse breeds in the world.”

The Marchador horse has a willing nature, sound gaits and athletic versatility.  Bred for years to be sound and square with big bones.  The added bonus is that they have that Iberian beauty and a soft  kind eye.

Lynn's breeding program tries to emulate the best breeding practices from Brazil. Lynn believes that strong genetics are the key to any breeding program.  Combining natural balance, gait, tractability in one harmonious pairing ensures a perfect foal every time. 

The Mangalarga Marchador stands between 14.2 and 16 hands, averaging 15 hands and weighs between 850 and 1100 pounds. Gray is prominent, but chestnuts, blacks, bays, buckskins, palominos and pinto horses may also be found. A versatile, sure-footed horse with plenty of cow sense as well as stamina, this breed holds the Guinness Book of World Records Endurance Ride of 8,694 miles in 1994.

Lynn was searching for the “perfect horse” when she picked the Marchador breed. "I found my mare, Bossa Nova de Miami. Every day since has confirmed my choice. Everything I read about the breed was true – especially their wonderful, kind disposition. The 200 years of breeding history shines through!" To learn more about these incredible horses please visit Lynn's website and

Every time I have photographed Lynn's incredible horses they get under my skin and reach into my soul even more than the time before.

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