Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wild Horses of the World

Wild Horses of the World has been an ongoing project for the last year and will continue through much of 2014 and 2015; along with three other projects I will talk about in another post.  Wild Horses of the World is very near and dear to my heart and is yet packed with some of the most political turmoil of any subject I am documenting.  

Mustangs ~ Miles are left behind the drumming of hooves.

In addition to the main areas I photograph wild horses; Arizona, Colorado, California, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming, there were so many more that needed to be documented.  Not just in the United States but all over the world.  Soon trips to Nova Scotia, Mongolia and Portugal were in the works. Equine spirits from all over the world were calling my name.

The spirit and emotion that wild horses bring out in people, myself included, is incredible.  The may look and act like our beloved horses in the back yard; yet... they are so very different.  Once their gaze catches your eye, locks on and pulls you in..you're hooked.  There is no turning back.

Stallions ~ fiercely protective, submissive and gentle all rolled into one.  The same stallion can seem like a totally different animal in the evening than he was in the morning. Their moods always changing, dictated no doubt, by surrounding stimulus. 

Triple Play 

Foals, their energy and joy we all wish we had in our daily lives.  Just going through the images I am choosing for the book makes me smile over and over again.  They give renewed hope for all the things I wish the world to be. 

And the mares, the beauty and brains behind the herd.  The family unit starts and ends here.

As "Wild Horses of the World" continues to unfold,  I hold the certainty in my heart that the images that follow will have tremendous impact on how we as a people decide what is important in the world and what is not.

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