Friday, March 14, 2014

The Things I Love

When it first hits you that you've signed up to do a blog; Yikes, that means to write, I'm a photographer.  So what do you start with.  Well, I am going to start with "The Things I love". When I say this I am talking about all the things that we tend to take for granted at times, but really can't imagine a world we want to live in without them. For me thats nature, the land, the scenic wonders that surround us.  Things that make you hold your breath the first time you see them.  They are magical and up-lifting.

Polar Bears Churchill

Then there is the wonder of wildlife.  Incredible!  Depending on where you live this may be a coyote howling in the evening, or a hawk on a power line. But make no mistake of the mystery that they possess in the wild; real wilderness, no people for a hundred miles, maybe more; you in their territory.  Some species so cute we want to humanize them, like these polar bears.  One of the fiercest 
carnivores on the planet, the only bear specie that will hunt humans.  But when you look at these two all I see is smiling faces and a big furry body you'd want to snuggle with.  No wonder teddy bears are the number one stuffed animal sold in America.

Fine Art Print by Tamara Gooch

And most of you already know how I feel about horses. In my opinion the most beautiful animal on the planet.  They come in all shapes and sizes, just like us, some are mean and some are nice, just like us, and they all have hearts of gold; just like us.  May their beauty and light lift the spirits of anyone that gazes in their direction and may we all learn the many lessons they are willing to teach.

 And last, but certainly not least people, the human race.
Future Cowboy

I believe there is a profound heritage we all share.  I love the values and traditions my parents and grandparents grew up with.  I love the American West, its past, present and future.  I hope to somehow preserve the ways of the old west, be it romantic or not.  The couple of days spent with this ranching family and watching first hand the admiration this young 4 year old had for his father was amazing.  I hope like many of you to somehow keep the past alive.  There is something there I need.  History is so much more than names and dates, its passion, a desire to carry on, to pass on what we love to others dearest to us. 

 Bring all of these elements together and you have a world this photographer does not want to to live without. 


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  2. Simply... Wow ! You said it all... mentionned pretty much what I think and love of life. I don't really have the same chance as you, to look and study nature since the only wilderness I can see here, is a deer or racoon from time to time but... through your photos, I can. The simplest and natural things of life, are the best.

  3. Thank you Vicky, there are so many wonderful things that surround us we just need to look to find them.

  4. Happy to find your new blog. Your images capture the real, true things that matter in life. Love that little guy in his chaps, and how the light falls on that beautiful horse. Keep it up Tamara.

  5. Thank you Kasey. I am glad you enjoy it. The little cowboy, 4 years old, could only talk about dad letting him ride that horse.