Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunny's Being an Idiot

Sunny's Being An Idiot

When I first heard these four words, "Sunny's being an idiot!" It came as such a surprise all I could do was laugh. This darling little girl was extremely upset with her horse Sunny. 

It reminded me of one of those moments that stick out vividly in your memory...
I can barely remember what I ate for lunch yesterday, but I do remember this great piece of advice I got from my mom when I was only five years old.
I can remember standing in our family's kitchen...
And I am absolutely BAWLING... tears just pouring down my cheeks.
I couldn't tell you what I was crying about. All I know is that five year old me was upset in a MAJOR way.
My mom was standing in front of me and said, very compassionately...
"Hey... it's not the end of the world"
For some reason, that was exactly what I needed to hear because I stopped crying almost instantly.
Even as a pouty five year old I realized I was making a mountain out of a molehill.
What confuses me to this day is how so many folks get so worked up about relatively small things and I am guilt of it just like the rest of us, even now.
We get upset... scream at friends, coworkers and loved ones.

Life is short, we are reminded of this everyday, in many ways. 

This little cowgirl in the middle of her anger with Sunny, was given a similar three word phrase that I am sure will come to her mind some time later in life, that stopped her crying immediately too.

"Let's Go Riding!"


  1. "Let's go riding!" ... will fix just about anything! Great images, good and timely advice. Thanks, Tamara

  2. Beautifully caught on film. Loved this simple reminder. Want a horse like Sunny so bad, and one day soon hope to make good on it. Thank you!

  3. I agree 100% My Shiloh Ranch, lets go!